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Name of Image: Artist's Concept of International Space Station (ISS)
MIX #: 9906376
NIX #: 9906376 MSFC-9906376
Date of Image: 2004-04-15
Category: International Space Station (ISS)

Full Description: Pictured is an artist's concept of the International Space Station (ISS) with solar panels fully deployed. In addition to the use of solar energy, the ISS will employ at least three types of propulsive support systems for its operation. The first type is to reboost the Station to correct orbital altitude to offset the effects of atmospheric and other drag forces. The second function is to maneuver the ISS to avoid collision with oribting bodies (space junk). The third is for attitude control to position the Station in the proper attitude for various experiments, temperature control, reboost, etc. The ISS, a gateway to permanent human presence in space, is a multidisciplinary laboratory, technology test bed, and observatory that will provide an unprecedented undertaking in scientific, technological, and international experimentation by cooperation of sixteen countries.
(MRPO) MRD/SPD Discipline(s): n/a
(MRPO) Subject Type: n/a
Keywords: International Space Station, ISS, Concept
MSFC Negative Number: 9906376
Reference Number: MSFC-75-SA-4105-2C
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