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Name of Image: Dwarf Wheat grown aboard the International Space Station
MIX #: 0300227
NIX #: 0300227 MSFC-0300227
Date of Image: 2003-02-09
Category: Biotechnology

Full Description: Dwarf wheat were photographed aboard the International Space Station in April 2002. Lessons from on-orbit research on plants will have applications to terrestrial agriculture as well as for long-term space missions. Alternative agricultural systems that can efficiently produce greater quantities of high-quality crops in a small area are important for future space expeditions. Also regenerative life-support systems that include plants will be an important component of long-term space missions. Data from the Biomass Production System (BPS) and the Photosynthesis Experiment and System Testing and Operations (PESTO) will advance controlled-environment agricultural systems and will help farmers produce better, healthier crops in a small area. This same knowledge is critical to closed-loop life support systems for spacecraft. The BPS comprises a miniature environmental control system for four plant growth chambers, all in the volume of two space shuttle lockers. The experience with the BPS on orbit is providing valuable design and operational lessons that will be incorporated into the Plant Growth Units. The objective of PESTO was to flight verify the BPS hardware and to determine how the microgravity environment affects the photosynthesis and metabolic function of Super Dwarf wheat and Brassica rapa (a member of the mustard family).
(MRPO) MRD/SPD Discipline(s): Biotechnology
(MRPO) Subject Type: Science
Keywords: Dwarf wheat, plant growth, ISS plant growth, PESTO
MSFC Negative Number: 0300227
Reference Number: MSFC-75-SA-4105-2C
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