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Name of Image: Skylab Orbiter Workshop Illustration
MIX #: 0101588
NIX #: 0101588 MSFC-0101588
Date of Image: 1972-01-01
Category: Skylab

Full Description: This cutaway illustration shows the characteristics and basic elements of the Skylab Orbiter Workshop (OWS). The OWS was divided into two major compartments. The lower level provided crew accommodations for sleeping, food preparation and consumption, hygiene, waste processing and disposal, and performance of certain experiments. The upper level consisted of a large work area and housed water storage tanks, a food freezer, storage vaults for film, scientific airlocks, mobility and stability experiment equipment, and other experimental equipment. The compartment below the crew quarters was a container for liquid and solid waste and trash accumulated throughout the mission. A solar array, consisting of two wings covered on one side with solar cells, was mounted outside the workshop to generate electrical power to augment the power generated by another solar array mounted on the solar observatory. Thrusters were provided at one end of the workshop for short-term control of the attitude of the space station.
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Keywords: Skylab, Orbiter Workshop, OWS
MSFC Negative Number: 0101588
Reference Number: MSFC-75-SA-4105-2C
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