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Name of Image: J-2 Engine
MIX #: 9801770
NIX #: 9801770 MSFC-9801770
Date of Image: 1960-01-01
Category: Saturn Apollo Program

Full Description: This chart is an illustration of J-2 Engine characteristics. A cluster of five J-2 engines powered the Saturn V S-II (second) stage with each engine providing a thrust of 200,000 pounds. A single J-2 engine powered the S-IVB stage, the Saturn IB second stage, and the Saturn V third stage. The engine was uprated to provide 230,000 pounds of thrust for the fourth Apollo Saturn V flight and subsequent missions. Burning liquid hydrogen as fuel and using liquid oxygen as the oxidizer, the cluster of five J-2 engines for the S-II stage burned over one ton of propellant per second, during about 6 1/2 minutes of operation, to take the vehicle to an altitude of about 108 miles and a speed of near orbital velocity, about 17,400 miles per hour.
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Keywords: J-2 Engine, Saturn V, Saturn IB, S-II Stage, S-IVB Stage
MSFC Negative Number: 9801770
Reference Number: MSFC-75-SA-4105-2C
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